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Navigating the wireless industry through the shared spectrum revolution by applying a shared economy model to spectrum, efficiently adding capacity to deliver high quality mobile services.

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Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) provides commercial use of 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band, adding much-needed capacity to meet the ever-increasing demands of wireless innovation.

Spectrum is securely and dynamically shared between incumbent and commercial users through new cloud-based technology that applies machine-learning to solve the spectrum scarcity problem.

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Federated Wireless launches a new era in mobile communications with the industry’s first Spectrum Controller. The Spectrum Controller delivers software-defined spectrum through a cloud-based Spectrum Access System (SAS), protects Federal incumbents with a redundant network of ESC sensors, and provides a robust set of lifecycle management tools with real-time visibility for optimizing and monetizing CBRS services.

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Protecting incumbents with built-in Environmental Sensing Capability


Open Partner Ecosystem

Large ecosystem of pre-integrated partners for speed to market


SAS Cloud

Modern cloud architecture for delivering spectrum as a service


Spectrum Lifecycle Mgmt

Plan, deploy, operate and analyze CBRS network with intuitive interface


Shared access to CBRS spectrum is stimulating investment in innovative new wireless technologies, new business models, and new entrants.


Partner Portal

The Federated Wireless Partner Program offers ease of integration to the CBRS ecosystem for faster time to market. Find a partner. Become a partner.

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