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Leading the wave: Private LTE

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Your company, your LTE network

Many Enterprises today suffer from a common problem – getting good cellular coverage inside their offices. The problem is underscored when businesses such as hotels, hospitals and malls need to provide quality coverage to their paying customers in addition to their employees. They have been dependent on mobile operators to provide good service, but the ROI for operators is not always evident, especially in smaller buildings. Enterprises turned to deploying their own Wi-Fi networks to satisfy the indoor data demand, but Wi-Fi is prone to interference as usage goes up, and has not proven to be a satisfactory replacement for high-quality LTE. CBRS offers a new opportunity for Enterprises to upgrade their communications networks, the networks that drive their business, with high-speed private LTE solutions that they can deploy themselves, at the cost and simplicity of Wi-Fi.

The CBRS Advantage

CBRS offer 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Spectrum is shared with Federal incumbents using a unique Spectrum Access System (SAS) mechanism. Large enterprises can buy a Priority Access License (PAL) for a specific geographic area at a cost expected to be far cheaper than exclusive licenses offered today. This might be useful if the network is going to be used to run an Industrial IoT network for mining or energy management. The real value of CBRS for Enterprises is that 80 MHz of spectrum is set aside for General Access (GAA), where no license is needed to deliver high-quality LTE services.

The benefits are clear. The ability to own and operate their own high-speed LTE network means Enterprises can ensure that a reliable business-critical communications network is in place. CBRS can be used to reduce interference on the Wi-Fi network, or to run specific IoT services like cameras and door entry that require security and reliability. And for those business who have a public face, there is the additional advantage of running an operator-neutral network that will serve both employees and customers, whether they are guests, patients, tenants, shoppers or sports fans. Enterprises are just starting to discover what CBRS makes possible, and we are working with them to explore the best of the new ideas.

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Why Federated Wireless?

Federated Wireless is leading the shared spectrum wave, eliminating the problem of spectrum scarcity. We offer the industry’s first spectrum controller, an end-to-end system that enables government and commercial users to securely share the same spectrum band without impacting the quality of service that your customers expect. Federated Wireless is removing the multi-billion dollar price tag associated with spectrum access, fostering the creation of new business models.

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