Deploy CBRS with confidence using our Fixed Wireless Planner.

Discover accessible network areas with a touch.

Everyone deserves fast, easy access to broadband internet. Federated Wireless’ Fixed Wireless Planner gives you the power to identify new service opportunities, precisely plan deployment locations, and avoid the cost of unnecessary truck rolls. Now, you can deploy the latest CBRS technologies with speed and confidence.

Maximizing coverage
in advance.

RF Modeling

Enjoy best-in-class RF modeling

High-resolution LiDAR enables accurate 3D results with up to 1-meter resolution over an 8-mile radius.

New customers

Find new customers & subscribers

The intuitive heatmap GUI enables you to instantly assess network coverage and identify ideal latitude, longitude, and height locations in seconds.

Save costs

Save deployment cost

Equip network installers with optimal installation locations before they proceed to deployment sites. You’ll enjoy more coverage and more profits.

Choose plan

Choose the plan that works for you

Federated’s Fixed Wireless Planner is available as a 1-year or 3-year subscription. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll benefit from unlimited access to our best-in-class RF modeling tool.

Federated’s Fixed Wireless Planner.
The answer to optimum network coverage.