the spectrum controller

Enter a new era in mobile communications with the industry’s first Spectrum Controller for shared spectrum management.

Spectrum Controller Overview Federated Wireless Overview

Spectrum Access System (SAS) Cloud

Sharing CBRS spectrum is made easy with our standards-based SAS implemented as a service in the cloud for efficiency, scale, and ease of deployment. Incumbents are protected as commercial users are given dynamic and secure access to the 3.5 GHz band.

Access to interference-free bandwidth enhances wireless coverage options, creating new business models and service opportunities.


Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC)

Incumbent users are protected nationwide with our standards-based ESC sensor network fully integrated into our Spectrum Controller.

The ESC network detects incumbent activity and ensures that any affected commercial users are dynamically moved to available CBRS spectrum with minimal disruption.

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Spectrum Lifecycle Management

Simplifying and automating deployment of networks on shared spectrum, including planning, installation, spectrum optimization and ongoing spectrum analytics.

Always-on dynamic spectrum management capabilities to minimize contention and maximize spectrum efficiency for delivering KPIs to users and businesses of all sizes.


Open Partner Ecosystem

Our large ecosystem of pre-integrated CBRS OEMs reduces integration and interoperability testing to speed time to market.

API-centric architecture provides an open spectrum management solution for ease of integration with existing network management and operational  systems.

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