RCR Wireless Carrier Wrap – The Advantages and Challenges of Shared Spectrum


I recently had the privilege of discussing the advantages and challenges of spectrum sharing on RCRWireless’ Carrier Wrap.

Spectrum, a highly valued essential resource for wireless communications, is finite and in high demand due to the exponential increase in wireless mobile data traffic. Federated Wireless stands today at the forefront of the wireless industry revolutionizing the way in which spectrum will be managed for the future. We pioneered the three-tiered dynamic shared spectrum technology, the model selected by the FCC for the 3.5 GHz band.

Federated Wireless will be first to market with this technology. Our solution breaks down traditional barriers of high cost and exclusive spectrum. And our differentiated business model creates opportunities for more efficient and innovative approaches to spectrum.

We continue to make tremendous progress in developing the broad market for shared spectrum towards a 2017 commercial launch. The plan is to enable several market segments, including carriers, cable, enterprise mobility and IoT with shared spectrum. And, once proven in these areas, we’re confident the shared model can be applied to other bands and markets as well.


About the author /
Kurt Schaubach brings 25 years of wireless industry experience to Federated Wireless where he plays a key role in developing technologies and new business strategies to create the next-generation architecture of broadband wireless.
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